Saturday, November 3, 2007

Waffles is starting to seem pathetic - by Anonymous

This was submitted as a comment. I thought it made some very valid points so I decided to post it.

Waffles is starting to seem pathetic.... First this article:

now one on facebook that among other things is summarized in this part of it:

I may not be Sherlock Holmes, but I keep my ear to the ground and I like to think that I'm not entirely oblivious to what I hear...and right now, I dunno about anyone else, but my instincts are screaming bloody murder. This all seems a little expensive for some bratty 17 year old porn site admin in Ireland, not to mention requiring a little more depth of character to set up.
Even if it is all kosher, something in here isn't quite adding up:
#1. This kid's obviously intelligent enough to set up Waffles - it does exist, after all...nobody's denying that.
#2. And yet, he's dumb enough that all of his private information - full (real) name, address, phone number, high school, etc - are easily found through an online search.
#3. But even if he really is that dumb, he should at least be wealthy enough to pay someone who does know how to do these things to do it for him - switching servers like that costs money, and as pointed out above, it's certainly not money he's afraid to spend.
#4. How on earth does a bratty 17 year old porn site admin have that much cash, and where on earth is he getting it from?
#5. It states on the Wikichan that one of the major reasons for his porno site shutting down was his parents finding out about it. What happens when they find out about this? After all, if he's not intelligent enough to hide his info from me, he's certainly not intelligent enough to hide it from his parents. And while porno may be unarguably legal, however morally objectionable it is, the legal status of filesharing is anything but clear right now, and I doubt his conservative Roman Catholic parents would want their son taking part in such a thing, let alone orchestrating it.
#6. Why all the location changes? Why not just base the bloody thing in Sweden to begin with and avoid all the hassle?

I dunno. I'm almost certain that something's not right here...keep your eyes peeled, and if you're not a member already, I certainly wouldn't recommend becoming one.

and then this added on:

Its in NL.

Only after being based in (in order) Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States. Why all the moving...especially through countries with notoriously draconian copyright laws?


Anonymous said...

i thought he was 16.

in all fairness and were started by the group of people. that had all been working together at one point.
both sits should have have been opened as fast as they did.
i personally think even though boink will be open to everyone. its not going to be a classified as a disgustingly buggy as one could call those sites.
and its been heard throught the grape vine that a handfull of sct script kiddies and other people are now getting involved.
im not sure if thats going to make it better or worse.

Anonymous said...

First off, they stated that we'd be in .nl for the first month then move to Sweden. I'm not an official spokesperson, but I'm willing to guess that the Sweden hosting is not all set up yet and they're probably still working it out with a host.

Why do you focus so much on his age? When I was 16 I had my own apartment and supported myself. Just because you didn't have money at 17 doesn't mean he doesn't have a job or a business.

Big deal, his personal info is on the web. That means he's incompetent?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this has definitely changed my perspective on both sites. I hadn't heard anything about the admins. I don't trust the judgment of the waffles admin individually, seventeen or older. Truthfully, admins who have been involved in the kinds of sites he has are usually jerks anyway. Call me judgmental if you will.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this has definitely changed my perspective on both sites. I don't trust the judgment of the waffles admin in particular. Admins who are involved in the kinds of sites he has are usually jerks anyway. Call me judgmental if you will.

Anonymous said...

Just stop with the waffles/what banter and get with STMusic already.

ex-OiNKer said...

I strongly agree with you..
something isnt right ..

waffles also just launched on the same day OiNK got shutdown, or really soon after...

Anonymous said...
- interviews with wired magazine. advertising a dubiously legal website is fucking stupid.

- soliciting these kinds of pictures "or a screenshot of you DOSSing" demeans all of us. but mostly you. and don't tell me "it was a joke" because it obviously wasn't.

- advertising your dubiously legal (at best) website on the cash register at the starbucks where you work is also stupid.

- lying to prospective members is very, very bad form. "new server tomorrow!" "new server this weekend!" "new server soon!" and most recently no longer mentioning the server, but invites are "No ETA". all from the official IRC. not to mention the switch from "prove you were at oink = account" to "....maybe."

- why do you care if i was at oink? this whole scheme reeks of entrapment to me. i don't actually think it is, but the alternative is that the admins are just shit stupid. so either way. is not perfect. infact, frankly, at the moment it kind of sucks. the site itself is slower than if i had dial-up, and the tracker has spent more time NOT working in the last 2 days than working. but they haven't lied to me even once, and in less than a week, i have seen things get significantly better on a daily basis. they also don't allow members to abuse non-members on IRC, which is certainly classier.

and i'm not taking part in the "waffles = cops" theory.

all i'm saying is that the waffles crew has, several times over, demonstrated themselves to be AT BEST very immature (at worst blindingly incompetent assholes)and frankly, even giving them the benefit of the doubt, i don't trust people as immature as that with something like running a server that could wind up with me facing an RIAA lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

#2: Why does it matter?
#3: Server is properly setup at the moment. The new one will probably last until they get a server at PRQ.
#4: Users are donating. Donations pay for the server. Simple as that.
#5: Good point, though he isn't the only one running the site.
6#: The goal is to move to PRQ. PRQ only do co-location or shared hosting though. Shared hosting is not an option and for co-location you need a server, which costs money.

Anonymous said...

Also, in his IRC chat, OiNK mentioned that the cops wanted to know how to set up a web site.

And the growth of OiNK's Pink Palace was organic. They added members as they were able, modified the rules over time, and generally adapted the code to make the place better and better. I don't see how even the most gifted programmers can recreate what OPP had become.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the real OiNK thinks about Waffles ...
Waffles were advertised for the first time through server right?
(the picture of waffles and google link...)
Who made that ? Police or Oink ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I went from very excited to get my invite the morning of the launch to pretty much not giving a sh*t almost 5 days later. Still no invite but plenty of excuses. Seems they not only bit off more than they could chew... they're proving they had no clue at all as to what they got themselves into.

Anonymous said...

Quote I wonder what the real OiNK thinks about Waffles ...


Anonymous said...

Somebody actually got an invite? That's the first that I heard of it.
Anybody else?

Anonymous said...

Waffles <3 Oink.
Sorry for mess up first time.

NENE said...

Para las noticias en espaƱol sobre OiNK:

For news in spanish about OiNK.

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, everything I posted was quoted from facebook except "Waffles is starting to seem pathetic.... First this article:" and "and then this added on:"

Also, one of the staff members of Waffles apparently replied in the thread on facebook:

"Eh, some interesting thoughts.

Basically, the reason the site hit so many servers was that we were moving the site around our own personal hosting/servers for a long time until we could get the actual server up in the Netherlands running. it's obviously up and running pretty smoothly right now, 10k torrents and increasing... woot.

and before you ask, yes, I am a staff member. Not going to identify myself for now, but that's okay. As far as some of our main staffers not caring so much about their own anonymity, well... that's their own business. We've cautioned them otherwise, and they basically just don't care :P"

Anonymous said...

"As far as some of our main staffers not caring so much about their own anonymity, well... that's their own business. We've cautioned them otherwise, and they basically just don't care :P"

beau really is beau --

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that they wanted users to send proof of OiNK membership such as torrents that remained on your computer for invites, even though they had no way of verifying the information in those torrents as coming from an OiNK user, unless of course they had access to the OiNK database. Put that together and it may be a reason to stay away.

Anonymous said...

You guys basically all with you had invites, but you don't, so tell us how shitty is, really, we'd like to know from your non-invited asses.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this. Anon knows nothing and has failed /b/

Anonymous said...

STMusic now.
Jeez, 12,000 ex oinkers are already there, 23k torrents so far. come on in.

It's fantastic thereright now; v2, v0, and flacs galore.

Anonymous said...

It does seem to stink somewhat.

Perhaps OiNK made a deal with the police to trap users through to get off his charges? Who knows.

I certainly won't be using it at all, the timeframe between OiNK closing and Waffles opening was a little too short for my liking, plus that stuff about the police asking OiNK about making a website.

Something's up.

Anonymous said...

This blog is pathetic

All this article does is (barely) slander one of the admins based on his history with some porn site.

There was nothing said here that actually discredits the tracker itself. So to say ' is pathetic' is so completely missing the point. Nothing was ever even implied that the tracker was/is substandard.

LOL @ whoever wrote this sad article ^_^ is great and fully-fuctioning so far and will continue to get better.

Anonymous said...

Forget Waffles, come to STMusic. Now that place has some promise.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For some reason waffles is getting all the PR. Maybe something with the 'waffles' in joke, where had pictures of waffles, I don't know the joke myself.

I haven't been able to get onto waffles, but I got onto what, and it's looking great to me. They are having some serious hardware issues, and if they don't get em taken care of quick it could doom the place, which would be a shame. (They posted about how they're getting a 'huge' server, and posted the specs---those specs were NOT 'huge' for the traffic the place is growing to, folks!).

It would be a shame, because except for that, the site is looking GREAT. I really like the admins vibe, the community is super friendly, the software is easy to use and the layout is pretty, the catalog was increasing at an encouraging rate. I am holding out hope that what will meet my needs.

None of the other already existing trackers that I flocked to after oink were doing it for me.

Anonymous said...

"even though they had no way of verifying the information in those torrents as coming from an OiNK user"

Have a look at a torrent in a hex editor. It has the announce URL in the first few bytes, which in the case of most private trackers, has your UID (hashed) built right in.

Anonymous said...

I mean he works at starbucks. Doesn't that explain most of it?

Anonymous said...

#2. So OiNK was a dumb fucking shit, too, you say?
#3. Uhh..
#4. Perhaps by working his ass off and asking others to contribute to the fund, dumbass?
#5. Wikichan.. you've got to be fucking shitting me that you're looking at a chan-oriented wiki for factual information.
#6. PRQ didn't have any space at the time, dumb bitch, so they bought servers are LeaseWeb.

Stop the fucking foil hat bullshit already. Ooh, sucks balls compared to so I don't have anything left than posting some bullshit about waffles on an obscure blog.

People, you're fucking pathetic. Seriously. No one's a fucking cop..



/signs off

VivaGardner said...

What a pointless and uninformed post!

Keep up the great work on your pointless blog with zero insider information.

Anonymous said...

This blog should be renamed to wine-about-oink. Anyone know a good news source that is less emotionally loaded?

Anonymous said...


Its in NL."

Hey thats my post from :o

The dumbass that replied dosent know what hes talking about either. I have been using to get in since day one.

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ just shut the fuck up already.

Anonymous said...

"All this article does is (barely) slander one of the admins based on his history with some porn site."

not really... and "(barely)" is right considering slander is "the use of spoken words to harm someone's reputation."

Anonymous said...

Guys common be cool about everything. I got invited in, and it fucking rules. It's no Oink not yet, but I have faith in these kids. Its a learning experience, Oink became as great as it was through trial and error and correcting mistakes. Give it time, I got invites actually to all three and I'm happy with Oink. P.S. I took the risk to send my data and guess what... It got me in I'm not afraid of being caught so they can sue me... so fucking what? if it were the cops then they know who I am and big fucking deal. You kids need to learn that rules were meant to be broken and if you get caught well then you need to go about it better the next time.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog dead?
It seems there's been a lot going on, with the OiNK donation fund, etc.
Anyways, just throwing it out there.