Tuesday, October 23, 2007

aerugohissings.com Throws It's Weight Behind An OiNK Protest

from: http://aerugohissings.com/foroink/

OiNK is lost, what should be done?

Today, OiNK.cd was raided, and one admin was arrested.

We were all sad to see Oink go today, and my deepest regrets go to the arrested admin. However, there is something we can do to get back at the bastards who took us down. The mass of quality content on that tracker was just amazing, and that was the main reason for why Oink was a target. However, all of that content is still available, and well seeded. What it is lacking at the moment, is a tracker.

While OiNK was still up, there was a well grounded hardcore ban on uploading OiNK torrents to other trackers. While technically possible, it resulted in a ban. Now however, with Oink gone, we can get all that content out on public trackers, providing it too an infinitely larger amount of people. It will be a massive backfire for IFPI, showing them that their attempts to stop information freedom are feeble and bound to fail. Above all we just can't loose the gigantic library that OiNK provided, it must be saved. Therefore I suggest the following:

Take all of your seeded oink torrents, change their tracker address and upload them to The Pirate Bay. Brand the names and descriptions with the epitaph FOR-OINK and link back to this site in the description. To contact me, send an e-mail to thisisforoink@yahoo.com

Let's show them, and let us, in a way, save OiNK.

PS: Of course, i support any attempts to support for legal help for the arrested. Throw me a link if you have heard of any such action.


Andrew Z Carpenter said...

There was never a ban on uploading OiNK content to other trackers. What was not allowed was using your own .torrent file which had your passkey embedded in it.

Anonymous said...

can you give better step by step directions for this? I don't want any of my info tracked!?!?

Anonymous said...

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