Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Cautions Former OiNK Users With New Security Measures

Often called "OiNK for TV", Bit Torrent Tracker has posted this warning on it's site.

For weeks and weeks now we have talked about using the same passwords. As many of you are aware of the sad news, was raided early this morning. If you share an email address OR password between our site and Oink's, YOU MUST change you password here as a precautionary measure ASAP.

What this means for users in unclear. We assume it's a precautionary tactic to protect bitmetv from falling on the same sword as OiNK. If you were to assume that authorities can't gain access to sites such as these you are sadly mistaken. Anyone can get in if they figure out the rules.

what are the rules you ask?

Gain access to a popular private tracker that isn't hard to get into like Demonoid. You can even try a public site. Download popular torrents, seed for a week for a good ratio. That ratio becomes proof you're not a leech. Parlay that to access else where via invite channels on torrent sites official chat rooms on IRC.


Anonymous said...

please follow paine's advice and shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with u?!
pls keep posting, this blog is great!

Anonymous said...

the other stuff was entertaining but this is kinda ridiculous. why would you post what says to their private users? i'm not even a member but really?? and if it was that simple to get into sites (via other torrent sites like you mentioned), then you dont have to spell it out. im not reading anymore of this site coz i dont want to support all the talking out of your ass.