Friday, October 26, 2007 is KAPUT

If you log on to you'll get this message.

Die gewünschte Seite ist nicht erreichbar

Die Website, die Sie besuchen wollen, hat den eingeräumten Leistungsumfang überschritten und ist vorübergehend nicht erreichbar.

Falls Sie der Betreiber dieser Homepage sind und wollen, dass Ihre Homepage
kurzfristig wieder erreichbar ist, klicken Sie bitte hier!

Alle Informationen zu den privaten Homepages bei finden Sie hier!

Ihr Arcor-Team

Another one bites the dust.


Anonymous said...

seems there scam site is still running at

Anonymous said...

They are "zurück"

Anonymous said...

My friend donated 5$ and he got the link to the real URL. They really have OiNK up and running again so all rumours proved WRONG they are honest and serious!!! is back again too!

Anonymous said...

About the "other" blog, the one that is UN-OFFICIAL too, why do they whine all day about asking OiNK this and that? I did not know OiNK had such total sheep-kids as Moderators (probably just to fill the a bit). Fuck em.

BTW OiNK is in GERMANY right now, and wonder where is located ? COINCIDENCE?? is real deal i just donated too lets see when I get the link to the real site I will informyou!

Jared said...

it's not real.

it's just people who are trying to make money off of this. that's why "anonymous" goes way out on a limb by saying "my friend donated $5 and he got the link..." that's just a dude who's in on it.

since when does OiNK make you pay before you get access??


podulations said...

the day is real is when pigs fly out of my butt

Anonymous said...

then why is OiNK in germany right now? also the site just ASKS for donations they will open for public on nov 1 for free.omg

Jared said...

they're just asking for donations because they can't command you to do it.

if they open up on Nov 1st i'll eat my own tongue.

they have nothing to open.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how I wish it was true.
We'll see. Till then I guess I found a nice alternative ;)

Curb said...

Can anyone translate what that all says?

Anonymous said...

This German text just stated, that the site was temporarily not reachable, due to the heavy usage. As you can see they are already back.

Anonymous said...

If you would by some reason get this "special url" b4 the 1st of november, how many users would actually have it?
nice ratio of seeders! with the old userdata, itd be about 0.0001% of the torrrents whod be seeded.

Anonymous said...

These scammers are busy updating their front page to make it look more professional (doubtless reading comments posted here and elsewhere).

Their moles seem to have learned to write English better as well. Perhaps one of them downloaded the Rosetta Stone torrent from OPP before they were booted.