Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New "Official" OiNK IRC channel

Infamous OiNK moderator Paine speaks again!


"Official" OiNK IRC channel

The staff have decided on a location to have an "official" IRC.

irc:// / #oink

Connect to the server and then register with nickserv before /joining. Vhosts are automatic on this network.

See you there.


daniel said...

anyone know how to get on? i was able to get on last night fine but today i get "This channel requires that you have registered and identified yourself with the network's nickname registration services (e.g. NickServ)."

Elliott D said...

Im getting "#oink unable to join channel (need correct key)" - any remedy for this?

Anonymous said...

got the same problem as elliott, was on #oink earlier today, but have no clue whatsoever what the key is.
would like some intel on this so i can back on.

Charles said...

I'm still new to IRC... using trillian, but I get: Failure resolving ""!
[12:17] *** Error while connecting (Error Code: 11004). Disconnecting.

Julien said...

make sure you remove the spaces in the address provided

Anonymous said...

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