Friday, October 26, 2007 ups security measures in wake of OiNK Shutdown

Posted on the front page:

We are going to get rid of all email addresses and IP addresses associated with individual user accounts in ONE WEEK.

As of right now, your email address and IP address is not used for anything on the tracker. They still exist in the database, however, so that we have a chance to fix any issues that arise from the changes in the tracker code and revert to the previous code if necessary. In one week, that data will be gone.

Q: Why do I need to know this?
A: If you happen to forget your password, we won't be able to email it to you. We've come up with a new solution for this: Security Questions. When you need to recover your password, you will be asked a question that you defined. You will then input the answer you defined, that (hopefully) ONLY YOU know. This should be treated like a second backup password. If you answer it correctly, your password will be reset. This is very similar to online banking systems' security questions (What's your mother's maiden name? What was your first pet's name? etc), except that you get to come up with your own question.

Please take a moment to edit your Profile with your Security Question and Answer. Remember, YOU define the level of security to your account. Make it a good question, and use a good secure password.

IF YOU DO NOT enter a Security Question, you WILL NOT be able to recover your password if you forget it. You might think that's even more secure (it probably is), but if you decide not to enter one, or to enter random gibberish, don't come complaining when you can't login.

If you think one question is not secure enough, you have 255 characters of question space and 40 characters of answer space. Feel free to use it all up with multiple questions and answers.

This seems like a great idea to us. All BT sites should use a measure like this. As long as we can create our own security question. All of the ones we're forced to answer are just hard to answer definitively. As a music fan "who is your favorite singer" is the most annoying.

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Shannonplaysbass said...

And if anyone wants to trade me something for a MySpleen invite, I would be very happy to...I have 5 :)

Anonymous said...

You fool. I'd imagine the entire community you're pandering to with this asinine blog feels the same way when i suggest you shut the fuck up with your little insightful gems about other torrent sites. If it isn't clear by now that BT trackers do not need anymore press than you should probably just step away from the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone fire a myspleen invite my way, I would really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

shannonplaysbass: i'll bet your myspleen account is gone within 4 hours and anyone you have ever invited gets banned right along with you. such a moron

bacon phat: lame

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Demon said...

This is not a direct result of what happened to OiNK, although OiNK did have some influence over our timing. We've been planning this for awhile.

To the blogger:
Next time, we'd appreciate it if you contacted one of the active admin before publicizing our internal news and making assumptions about our reasoning. We would've been happy to answer any questions. I apologize for not contacting you directly with this; I don't see an email address or a way to send you a private message.

Anonymous said...

bacon phat doesn't give a shit about other trackers or their admins. He's a whiny fucking cunt bubble.