Wednesday, October 24, 2007

OiNK Interviewed by The Daily Telegraph

Former OiNK admin Paine has stated that:

"OiNK has given an interview to The Daily Telegraph."

This information comes from his blog comments located at

The interview is not online but will be posted here as soon as it goes live.


Anonymous said...

anybody knows about demonoid??

what happened?

Anonymous said...

[01:42:41] [&OiNK] Yawg the logs we store aren't enough to inciminate users

Anonymous said...

questions to oink on irc :

Q: did you anticipate a raid in the past? Did you take any precautions regarding site design and logs and whatnot to

protect the community?
A: The logs we store aren't enough to inciminate users

Q:from what i listend/read, there were two admins arrested
A:there wasn't 2 arrests

Q: OiNK, at this stage, do you regret having started the tracker or having let the tracker get so large?
A: i don't regret having started the site, no.

Q: you just get bailed for free?
A: Yes.

they actually wanted me to teach them how to set up a website, no joke

Q: OiNK, are you still the rigtfull owner of the domain?
A: Unclear

Q: OiNK , flacinhell posted a pic of a guy with a girl . he claims that the guy is you , and he got the pic when he

hacked your pc . is it true ?
A: he didn't hack my pc.

Q: Are you a vegetarian?
A: Yes

Q: Did they do the good cop/bad cop routine?
A: no

Q: what about the recent security/privacy changes to the site and the irc? was that a coincidence or did you see something coming?
A: coincidence

Q: Why are you bothering to answer these mostly stupid and inane questions?
A: I can't sleep

Anonymous said...

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mike said...

the nytimes had a short article on oink

Anonymous said...

daily telegraph interview is online

Anonymous said...

Alan's interview might well blow some of the stink off the bust in the short run. "We're Just Like Google" (doubtless the writer's choice of headline) is disingenous but will at least get reader attention.

BPI/RIAA and the rest of the corporate mafia- we won't forget.