Thursday, October 25, 2007 ? I Smell Something Fishy...

anon wrote:

BTW do you have any news about ? It is confirmed by at least 2 sides now that they really have the OiNK Userdata and will re-open OiNK on Nov 1 on 3 Servers worldwide.

We were aware of this as well.

It's not entirely clear to us exactly what is going on there. But our sensitive scam-dongs have perked up. We smell a rat.

Go over and check it out yourself

The original words on the site were:


* Oinkv2 will be launched on November 1!

We are working 247 on OiNK v2, it will be back in the old form as much as possible including the Forums, the Top100 and everything else that made OiNK the #1 Site on the net before Facebook and Demonoid and Google and other than those OiNK v2 will be legal completely just await what we have in store for you.

All donators will receive automatic special supporter vip status for OiNKv2. All donation money is first used to cover server upgrades in sweden. Use ANONYMOUS email (not your eMail that you used on OiNK) and write your passkey to we will verify it and send you the url for OiNKv2. If you are one of the team members who we have not yet contacted email us too before Nov 1.

Should OiNK Users be taken to court, the donated funds will be given to them. Else OiNK, TooMuchTime.

Donations will be used only for the best of OiNK and OiNKs Users as before. Donations are always legal you can donate to who you want and we are legal.

We are also in talks with political representitives and journalists to stop the music industry from abusing our police and media that we all pay for with our taxes.

As we have received a lot of email asking us about the older Userdata and Scripts yes we have it all on backup from a third source (not Alan). However we will not give it out but only use it to restore the upload/download ratio, Forum posts Torrent IDs and comments so remember your OiNK login and password you will NOT be able to reset your password with your email as we wiped all email addresses for your security. You must else name the person who invited you to get your old account back but that may take time in the beginning as we expect to get overrun. The OiNKv2 url will be announced here on Nov 1. It is up and running and we are doing final tests with the new team and inviting old users already to beta test.

The OiNKv2 Team is doing everything they can to grant you the best possible experience but we cannot pay everything from our own expenses so please support us if you can even if it`s just 5$ (you will receive the new url before Nov 1!)


As you can see our help is necessary in this sad time.

100,000 friends came together to share their passion for life and music.

Yet 3 fat record industry bosses cannot accept it cos they must buy new mansions and islands in the carrebean and penthouses for $50 Mio in New York City so they want to soak every $ from you by forcing you to buy music cd`s without being able to listen to them before you buy.

Music CDs for that the artists get only a few cents for every copy sold.

Most money gets to the record industry shareholders and bosses who pay their lavish lifestyle by stealing from the children and young people who just want to enjoy music. It is the modern slavery of today in that people with a lot of money can buy the media and the police and spread fake rumorus and lies with the intention to make more money.

Yet they do not realise that not one single OiNK user will buy more CDs now. Most likely less. Not one person in the world will go to ITunes or to a CD Store when a Music Download Site is closed because there are still 100 more sites for downloading music and for every site closed ten new open.

You tried to keep black people enslaved. You tried to keep women from voting. You have failed then and you fail now by trying to keep people from free mp3s. Because people today realise they pay $15 for a record and the Artist gets only $0,20 the other $14,80 go to the store and to the rich. Like Kings kept 100s of familys around their castle starving and low you hord all MP3s from the people who just want to have a good time and you only dig your own grave because you cannot stop this wave that will crush you. You will soon die. Wake.
Total Donations 1938 €

First of all if I remember correctly there was no Top 100 on OiNK, Top 50 was the max. But that is not an important point. Could just be an honest mistake.

They're asking for your passkey, donations, they claim to speak with political reps?

On second thought this reeks of complete bullshit.

It's just another opportunist website similar to this one. The only difference is we're not asking for your money. Unless you want to send it?

The rant that is now deleted is just so devoid of any valid points that we have no idea where to begin.

Record labels aren't steeling form music buyers. Well maybe the RIAA is via bullshit lawsuits. But I don't recall getting any money taken out of my wallet that one time I was in an elevator with the drummer from The Strokes. I think he just copped a feel.


Erik said...

It's bullshit

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Problem number 1:
He tried way to hard to get donations.

Problem number 2:
The website is not based in Sweeden, its in Berlin, Germany.

Anonymous said...

Hang on let me find what the site said..

"All donators will receive automatic special supporter vip status for OiNKv2"

If im not wrong this statement is syaing he will reward all of them with special vip status? is that not one of the reasons they arrested him???

Anonymous said...

All money donated goes directly to

Nice try buddy, next time make a second email address.

This whole thing is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Rumours say they hacked the userdata and thats why they have a backup of OiNK that even the old mods dont have. jmz/tbz also claimed he hacked the oink databases btw

Anonymous said...

I think it´s real cos one ex-admin confirmed they have the databases

Shiny said...


I'll believe it when I see it up and functional.

Anonymous said...

complete utter bullshit.

Shiny said...

I hadn't actually read the old "news" that you posted before I even debated over whether or not the site is real. It sounds like it was written by a 15 year old sociopath. Fuck that. If you donate, you'll be buying him Acid Bath CDs, as well as crystal meth, and that's it.

Anonymous said...

it's based in Germany, and it's hosted on

no way this is real.

Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Not to mention he didn't even have enough money to buy a regular domain?
He had to buy some free wigger domain.
Like one person said, I'll believe it when I see it up and running with the full database.

Anonymous said...

its been confirmed its real, oink is already up and running again but they will not give out the domain before nov 1 :(

Anonymous said...

I posted the following here on the waffle thread. Paine (ex OiNK mod) has also naysayed this on his blog. reading)

Don't get taken in, ppl. I have no affilation with OiNK other than having had been a member a few months in its inception. I have no inside info. Still, exercise some common sense.

Thanks for posting about this here, memorial dude.

Looks fishy as hell. They are going to ressurrect a site that had evolved over 3 years in a week?

Even with alleged "backups from a 3rd party"?

If its legit, It will take off from word of mouth. Calling it Oink is the stupidest thing they could do, however. And "completely legal"? Oink was compeletely legal on paper- and we've seen what happens when the spirit of law meets the BPI mafia.

It will be far better if there were splinter sites, catering to a specific type of userbase/music genre with a cap of 25,000 users at the most.

October 25, 2007 10:43 PM

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! They just changed the logo!!! haha.
It was before "Music so good, it'll make your tail curl", now they JUST set it to "Music to good, it'll blow you away" HAHA!

Anonymous said...

^^the above should read "having been a member of OiNK since a few months into its inception. My 3 year annivesary had passed early October. The piggy will be missed.

Anyway, there's some good healthy skepticism here in the comments. memorial dude- keep the site going if only to shame the inevitable hucksters who will attempt to profit. cheers!

Anonymous said...

They are real.

I donated $5 to them yesterday and today I`ve gotten an eMail with the real URL.

OiNKv2 it is exactly like old OiNK not even a day lost.

All Torrents all Forum Posts all Comments there but no seeders.

Dont know the people in the Team Page.

They have 1 backup host where the site is running on also.

The Forums are hosted on a third site.

They will publically open on Nov 1

daisy said...

this is complete and utter poppycock.

if you think that site is remotely real, you are thick as shit.

Comedian Charlie Moreno said...

If you go to and scroll down to the bottom there is another frame. If you view the source on that you'll see that the title contains: "OiNK Relief Revive and Revolution Fund BACKUP: OINK.WE.BS | powered by Free Subdomains"

Anonymous said...

The 3rd to last person that commented about donating $5 to them and received the REAL url, how about indulging us, by giving us the url as well. Another way to prove that it's not all BS.

Anonymous said...

Elsewhere on teh Internets, one of the ExLax scammers wrote:

It`s funny this blog gets censored (comments keep getting deleted). It`s in the public so it shouldn`t get censored.right? I can understand moderation in a private site but even there it was only moved, not deleted. it certainly proofs the few old mods who are here are not acting in interest of oink!

>Because you douche, they have no >server, they only have OiNK and >he is not doing anything and >that's fine.

So if OiNK isnt doing anything, the mods are just dumb sheep who cant act on their own? PirateBay was only 2 days off, why does it take the oink team so long?

>Yeah, I miss OiNK too, amazing >how "addicted" one gets to sites >like these and the community >around them, but for now it's >gone.

It`s back at (or their real site that they dont announce yet to the public where only the donators and some old team members are on now.)

>And yeah, the is a >scam, if they really wanted to get >all the old members back they >could use the email address >everybody used to sign up to get >in touch with them.

1. They have said countless times they deleted all emails for security reasons and people will have to remember their login/pw to login or name who invited them so they can reset the password manually.

2. The ex-OInk mods who nowadays only troll in blogs and on irc ENVY thats why they spread rumours & lies :(

OiNK would jump out of his grave if he knew how sad his former team has become.

I tell you the deal: the procrastinating ex-mods envy because they fear of losing their power. But they lose their power only because they dont act in interest of oink + oink users :(

Cry me a river, asshole.

Anonymous said...

I hope oinkv2, will donate excess funds to breast cancer research. :-P

Anonymous said...

OiNK would jump out of his grave if he knew how sad his former team has become.

This just in: oinkylicious Alan died. Guilt over renaming UK Garage to Dubstep was referenced in an alleged suicide note. TMZ will run the story tomorrow.

Anonymous said... just posted:

Once again, we do not currently have a donation fund for OiNK. Don't give money to sites like oink (dot) cx (dot) la -- They're probably just another site trying to make money from you. Again, none of the old staff are affiliated with this in any way.

edit: In case I wasn't painfully clear, nobody but the admins had access to the databases and code. There is no way for a site like to have them. The reason why they're saying they won't give a URL until November 1st? They don't have one. They're taking in as much money as possible.

Anonymous said...

Try clicking on the Donate button

IT'S A SCAM is a PayPal PHISHING site
It never goes to PayPal and is not
a secure site

They are trying to steal your email and password

Anonymous said...

omg - they R tryin' to make sum money out of the whole ish!! increible maricones..hope anybody can hack this fukcer..

Anonymous said...

"OiNK would jump out of his grave if he knew how sad his former team has become.

This just in: oinkylicious Alan died. Guilt over renaming UK Garage to Dubstep was referenced in an alleged suicide note. TMZ will run the story tomorrow."


there was more dubstep as garage, that's why it was my favourite section. and i miss it sooooooooooo much

Mogwai_ said...

It's already offline :) Can't access it anymore.

Die gew├╝nschte Seite ist nicht erreichbar

Anonymous said...

I'm just concerned about how quickly they're moving to get a new oink site up and running (supposedly, anyway)
in conjunction with the fact that he got out of jail without problems (according to the chat log on IRC). Something doesn't jive right.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit.

Ben said...

Yeah, is a phishing site. The paypal link doesn't lead to paypal. Notice how the site is verisign verified itself, just the popups it links to are.

It's O.K. though, the same people that can get their paypal accounts stolen by phishers are the same stupid people that couldn't keep their mouths shut and couldn't do without trading and selling accounts on the internet and got OiNK shut down through their actions in the first place

Anonymous said...

did u guys know that they have a copy of the site at ?
thats a free hosting im sure they cant even afford the RAM memory of the servers....

all this story is 100% bullshit

Adam said...

Last time i was never Top 100 anyway...wasnt it just top 10? You could only get the top 50 results.

I call this bulls*it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
it is not tracker's page just simple html. Oink was based on TBDev source code. so all trackers have almost same code gramatic structure.

this one looks as simple html.
please avoid this fake.

ime said...

I love there new thing about no invites and how the old mods are banned and taking them a fake...just the mods thing makes it

Anonymous said...

I donated $5, guess that was kind of stupid. I was thinking though.... What if it was a site set up by the gov' to find those individuals aiding in the workings of the original site, finacially.... Who knows, maybe it's real. I guess we'll find out.

Anonymous said...

I've had my browser open for the past 2 days with 10 tabs on refrehsing every 5 seconds. I was hoping it'd consume their bandwidth and they'd be down more often. I would encourage more people to do this unless anyone has any better ideas to get back at them.

Egg Donors said...

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