Monday, October 29, 2007


What news is there to report on OiNK?

Nothing important really. Paine (the alleged former mod) has been posting links to OiNK t-shirts on his blog. He's got as little to report as we do.

If the pirate bay does bring it back that would be news. But who knows when and if that will ever really happen. If it did I'd post it.

The rest of the crap that I've found is pretty useless. There's a bunch of scam sites and those dues are posting here regularly. They've mounted a pretty great offensive in promoting their site through the comments.

I haven't deleted them because I don't want to stifle the honest tone of this blog.

If you are dumb enough to send someone you don't know your money for a service you haven't even used then I can't protect you nor is it my job to.

There are a bunch of sites that have sprung up as a successor to OiNK or an OiNK alternative. These haven't launched yet.

If you're looking for other sites to use check this article. Which is pretty old news now.

This site got 48k page views in the first 6 hours it launched and over 100k by the end of the second day.

If you're curious how much I made from adsense (which was much more of an experiment rather than opportunism) it amounts to $140 in the week its been around. Not much at all. Considering the amount of time I've put into this I've lost a good chunk of change blogging.

So here's my big announcement.

I'm only going to update interesting and substantial OiNK related news. The fan art stuff is getting to be boring to me but others seems to like it so send it in.

In other developments if you want to submit stuff or just call me a Gay Cock Waffle you can reach me by aim as oink memorial.


Anonymous said...

i have an announcement aswell... attention fellow oinkers..... testicles. that is all.

Anonymous said...

You are a gay cock waffle.

Anonymous said...

wow, from reading the comments you wouldn't think that oink or oinkers were a very nice group/community . . .so here's a tip . . .no one is forcing you to read, and remember the golden rule, i believe it was the foundation of oink - do onto others as you would have them do onto you, no transcodes, high quality, share ratio, etc.

Anonymous said...

only oinkers i have ever seen talk about this site did nothing but make fun of it

just fyi

Snipe said...

You've done a good job. Appreciate it, and I think your decision is the best one you could pick.


Anonymous said...

probably already been posted, but this is the bizarre site that the site is hosted on

nothing but random ramblings about peanuts and then a bunch of links....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the explanation for not actively moderating- your call, but it makes these threads tough to read through w/ all the spam- maybe I'm seeing it from the wrong angle.

The OPP forums ranged from somewhat nasty to pretty pleasant.
Ususally the latter.

Anonymous said...

hey guys OiNK will return in only two days and still our hunger for PIG!

Anonymous said...

attention fellow wal-mart customers..... penis. that is all.

Dmitri said...

Ignore the idiots. They are douchebags and don't deserve any of our attention.

I also agree with posting mostly important news here... posting useless posts, while we aren't required to read them, it still wastes your time as well as ours.

Remember that you're doing a great job and that no one is really here to judge you.

Anonymous said...

yehh man your blog is the best,much better than the crappy sh*1 by that assf*ck who only does it to sell tshirts and make a living from sucking and leeching oink community dry

Anonymous said... = scam

Don't forget, kids! Come Nov 1st, there may be any number of new sites to check out, sites FREE OF CHARGE and who do not misrepesent themselves.

Don't be staring at a Error 404: Page Not Found

Anonymous said...

quit spamming your scam bullshit you faggot

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, you're a piece of shit too bacon phat

Anonymous said...

^^That last comment is a little harsh, dude.

Anonymous said...

^^^ i laughed at it

EmSixTeen said...

"the alleged former mod"

I loled. How can you be such a thick cunt?

Bacon Phat said...

Do you have irrefutable proof that the blog is run by the Paine of OPP?

no you don't.


Anonymous said...

"Do you have irrefutable proof that the blog is run by the Paine of OPP?

no you don't."

Uhm ... do you have irrefutable proof that the blog isn't run by the Paine of OPP?

No you don't.

This childish bickering between the two of you makes you look like you're in fucking kindergarten.