Wednesday, October 31, 2007 Being DDoS'ed to it knees?

From the Oink Memorial Forum

We've been trying to log in via SSH all night but the server doesn't respond. Since domain has been redirected to a temporary static page, there should be no announces or similar that could cause this slowdown. All that's left is DDoS really.

The guy who's responsible for the hosting is not at home but he gave us all details least that's what we thought. We can't reboot the server so we'll have to wait for him to return.

We are sorry, we never expected this. Maybe we were a bit naive but we'll have a new server tomorrow which we will protect better.

Thank you for being patient.

What? The guy that hosts your server is a sleep? That's not very leet, guys..I mean no ill will but the image I have in my head is hilarious. I see some mustached Dane falling asleep in his chair while eating sausages and Vienna fingers while his Miami Vice Motorolla cell phone with a 10 character display is going off on his night stand. All the while he snores away while the TV belts out some obnoxious foreign comedy show. He needs to wake up to a breakfast of 1337 cereal.


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha that's hilarious rofl

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous, a DDoS? Come on, how about they were unprepared for all the incoming traffic, like funkytorrents was after oink shut down or like has been for the better part of the day? Blaming someone else for their own problems is pretty damn idiotic.

Anonymous said...

OiNKv2 xDD

Do you keep that scam? Puh-leeze xD

Go play marbles elsewhere, kid.

Anonymous said...

its up but deadslow :>

Anonymous said...


Sebastian said...

Nah, it's a DDOS. That's why the site is still down now even though is pointing to a different server

troucles said...

Thank you for moderating comments here. These threads will be much useful (save the invite begging) re: the real new sites out there.

A reminder (if I may be so bold having been a member of OPP for over 3 years)- please dont expect an immediate replacement for the Palace.

Few are happy with its demise, but there could --and likely will-- be a silver lining here (TF's too quick hydra speak, notwithstanding). Imagine multiple working trackers with shifting userbases.

P2P communties are here to stay.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why people keep going on and on about (down) (not even really opened yet and already down) and whichever fake oink 2-site is the current hate object - when STmusic is not only running just fine and expanding like hell, already up to 21.000 torrents and 36.000 members. It's already the Oink replacement, and any other site coming now will be virtually empty and you'll all have to start uploading stuff from the beginning.

HmND said...

I think some of you forgot how OiNK started (ran on his PC from home, supporting 50 members).
Patience is the key.

Anonymous said...

That was some of the worst writing i've ever read. stick to banal rants about websites and leave the comedy to people who did eat lead chips as a kid.

che said...

stmusic has users, torrents, fast server... but it's fugly :/

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. Although looks promising (haven't seen yet), STmusic is way ahead right now..and it's open sign-up, as OiNK was when it started.

Fred said...

Only problem I have with STMusic is the dearth of seeders, especially recently. My first couple of days were great, but I hardly uploaded 100MB all day today. That torrent-to-member ratio is going to have to bump up as well.

Also, I keep getting this thing where it says I'm not connectable, even though I haven't done anything to my ports.... it fluctuates in and out of connectability.

Though I must say it's the best option right now.

Anonymous said...

Waffles is back up!

Anonymous said...

Nice image, but erm... most people in the Netherlands are Dutch, not Danish :P

Anonymous said...

Waffles is starting to seem pathetic.... First this article:

now one on facebook that among other things is summarized in this part of it:

I may not be Sherlock Holmes, but I keep my ear to the ground and I like to think that I'm not entirely oblivious to what I hear...and right now, I dunno about anyone else, but my instincts are screaming bloody murder. This all seems a little expensive for some bratty 17 year old porn site admin in Ireland, not to mention requiring a little more depth of character to set up.
Even if it is all kosher, something in here isn't quite adding up:
#1. This kid's obviously intelligent enough to set up Waffles - it does exist, after all...nobody's denying that.
#2. And yet, he's dumb enough that all of his private information - full (real) name, address, phone number, high school, etc - are easily found through an online search.
#3. But even if he really is that dumb, he should at least be wealthy enough to pay someone who does know how to do these things to do it for him - switching servers like that costs money, and as pointed out above, it's certainly not money he's afraid to spend.
#4. How on earth does a bratty 17 year old porn site admin have that much cash, and where on earth is he getting it from?
#5. It states on the Wikichan that one of the major reasons for his porno site shutting down was his parents finding out about it. What happens when they find out about this? After all, if he's not intelligent enough to hide his info from me, he's certainly not intelligent enough to hide it from his parents. And while porno may be unarguably legal, however morally objectionable it is, the legal status of filesharing is anything but clear right now, and I doubt his conservative Roman Catholic parents would want their son taking part in such a thing, let alone orchestrating it.
#6. Why all the location changes? Why not just base the bloody thing in Sweden to begin with and avoid all the hassle?

I dunno. I'm almost certain that something's not right here...keep your eyes peeled, and if you're not a member already, I certainly wouldn't recommend becoming one.

and then this added on:

Its in NL.

Only after being based in (in order) Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States. Why all the moving...especially through countries with notoriously draconian copyright laws?

Timing Belts said...

hahaha that is hilarious! the server does respond now, but i hate it...

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