Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Waffles.fm entry process seems like a pain in the ass

From http://waffles.fm/faq.php:

Q: How do I get invited to Waffles?
A: There are currently NO invites to give out to waffles.fm. They will not even exist until October 31st. Then, users will recieve invites based on uploading.

When the time comes that invites are given out, those members that signed up on the mailing lists will be notified. After that, those that have already provided VALID proof that they were members at OiNK prior to the incident will also receive an email.

A significant number of invites will be given to each member upon opening. Chances are invites will find you.

Q: But I didn't join the mailing list!
A: That's okay. You can still get an invite to waffles.fm. You can send reasonable proof of your OiNK membership to waffles@beau.ws

Q: What constitutes reasonable proof?
Here are some things that will be accepted as proof:
1. A screen shot of your Oink Profile, Header, Snatch List etc. 2. Screen shots and/or forwards of any emails received from Oink, including but not limited to: your invite email, a receipt of your paypal donation (please remove transaction IDs and/or bank account numbers), or oink torrents left on your machine with full urls

If you're like me you deleted all of your OiNK torrents because you no longer had a use for them. Who keeps screen shots of your OiNK ratio? Isn't it easy to photoshop the stuff they're looking for?

I was a member at OiNK for a few years. I did not save my invitation email as I never thought I would need it again.

I understand where they are coming from but this is kind of dumb.

I think your best bet is to lurk in the irc channel (#waffles.fm #waffles.fm-chat on irc.p2p-network.net) and wait until someone offers an invite.

Q: How do we know you're not the cops?
A: Well, honestly - you don't. If you don't feel comfortable joining, the best advice I can give you is - don't join.

Q: What about users' security?
A: Every form of security will be md5 encrypted.

Q: Where are the servers going to be located?
A: For the first month they will be in the Netherlands. After that we will be moving them to Sweden.


Anonymous said...

Pain in the ass, yes. Worth it? Most likely. So I did it :)

Anonymous said...

sounds totally gay and untrustworthy. prolly not gonne join these turkeys.

atoga said...

none of that text you quoted shows up in the faq that you link to and it seems like a silly process.

still, i DO have my original oink invite email, so does anyone know if it actually works?

Anonymous said...

"or oink torrents left on your machine with full urls"

....I still have every torrent that I've ever downloaded, but how do i use those to get myself an invite? I'm not compy savvy at all, so, if you could explain this a bit, that'd be helpful

Anonymous said...

Invite list for you guys, please don't register all the invites.. don't be greedy. give a chance to others! Ok?


johnnycash said...

Just had my invite for waffles. thanks geezer -whoever you are


Anonymous said...

Hey jonnycash, help a brother out!

Anonymous said...

Jonny help a brother out!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a clue what the hell that invite list (posted on 11/14) is? Those account do not work anywhere...unless I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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