Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What.cd Screenshot / Allows you to upload old OiNK torrents

We just got into what.cd (oddly located at the domain name http://incegmbh.com/).

And we're greeted with this message:

Well one of the newest and most commonly unknown features of this tracker is that you can simply upload a .torrent file from OiNK and this tracker will automatically change the announce URL.

Feel free to test it out, but be sure not to upload any dupes

That is what we call AWESOME.


Maximum users 5200
Registered users 5,429
Pending users 0
Torrents 9,394
Peers 18394
Seeders 17481
Leechers 913
Seeder/leecher ratio 19.15

Soo.. I like the design. It's pretty. Over all it seems like they did a good job.

However, the search feature isn't the greatest. Try searching for something and quotes and you won't get what you expect.


Anonymous said...

where in the world can i get an invite to it?

Jared said...

so i see you have 2 invites....

feeling generous?

Henry said...

Do you have invites Baconphat? I was smartface on oink.
marctonight at gmail dot com

Henry said...

PS I can supply proof (Paypal donation+invite email)

Jared said...

^^ ditto

haha you're going to get so many people begging for invites now.

what.cd does look sweet as shit, by the way.

do they have strict rules about sharing torrents with other sites as well?

Pearls said...

those invites dont work currently. i have 25 but when i click on them it says site is full. but as i just saw the site is growing so i guess admins/mods give out invites in their irc or signup is open sometimes (they mentioned something like open signup from time to time when they started)

they get a hell lot of uploads already, i would say its the same amount as in oink almost maybe. i just hope they get more peers too this could really be the oink replacement and alternative for when oink.6x.to is ever down or somethn.

oink.6x.to > oink.cd > waffles.eu

Henry said...

Other news you might find interesting:
Stormx2 just popped up on the wafflesfm irc and announced that donaters will get priority and a special waffle.

skullyzero said...

that will be fixed tonight

Paula Abdul said...

waffle ask for donations even before opening? better than to keep asking for fxp access lol . screw waffle then, they are only after the money.

oink.6x.to and what.cd is the way to go, support those two and forget all the rest

Gogetta said...

Search function for what.cd really sucks, thanks for the hint with the "`s that works then...

Also no top50... No Category Icons... and i personally hate their designs...

I hope their admins arent lazy... cos to me it looks like they are....... :(

But we need perfectionist like in oink.6x.to to bring back another OiNK!

Someone like Alan who constantly improves the site! But that is difficult

Anonymous said...

Reminder: oink.6x.to is a SCAM.

What.cd (a legit site) looks better than I thought.

max said...

I'd love an invite as well. I have both invite and paypal emails.. Cheers!

loki.three at gmail dot com

fakeplastic said...

i would love an invite to what.cd and waffles. i can provide proof of oink donations (twice) and tracker urls of torrents. please!

fakeplastic2 at gmail dot com

thebunnysuicides said...

ex oinker would love an invite, have proof

thebunnysuicides at gmail dot com

ddanglehoff said...

i'm desperate for invites as well. my name at gmail. never donated, but kept a very good ratio and have invite, etc. thanks to anyone who can help.

albygroove said...

Old Oink memember in good standing and great ratio. Can;t get onto three new BT sites that popped if anyone has an invite to any of them I'd be happy. Please help me out.

Treach said...

I'm after what.cd too does anybody know the IRC channel?

I was on OiNK (got old torrents to prove it) and I have proof of ratio in the form of a screenshot of my torrentleech account.

jtreach [at] gmail.com

Kirbycampbell said...

I'm looking for an invite also, I was an oink member for over 2 years, ratio of 1.09 with 300 gb uploaded and 290 dl, I have TONS of stuff to put up on what.cd



Anonymous said...

I've got all my evidence lined up that I'm a former OiNK member, and I guess I should start gettin' while the gettin's good. But I'm nervous. Think about how you felt when OiNK died, how scared you must've been, etc. I don't know if my heart can take it again if another site that I love gets taken down. How can you guys be so sure that you're safe with these sites?

Walter said...

I agree. How are we supposed to know we won't get screwed. Oink was reliable and protected our identities. Remember that jackass at torrentspy (although they were obviously lax). My old id at oink lapsed, then my new one was at 4.xx (because even w/ comcast I'd found a workaround). The big mystery to me was how the first round of invites was spread for oink and how for what.cd....

Dave said...

Also looking for an invite to what.cd if anyone could send one my way (dave.uk (at) gmail.com) i have proof of my OiNK heritage.

Batfink said...

batfink182 at gmail dot com

I would appreciate it very much if I could get an invite to what.cd or waffles if anyone has.... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

echh i want invite to what.cd to..and so much..pleasehelp me,i can donate this site, but didnt find info about this.. my email..edita@meganet.lt

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